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Dmitry was born in Leningrad in the Soviet Union. He lives in Israel since 1991. He started his career in photography when he saw the great Jerusalem and realized that he had to comprehend the seen. Camera became his tool of comprehension. From that moment on the process acquired a snowball effect, and things  incompatible at a first glance began to combine with each other as if strinning on a central pin of this strange formula - “to see the seen”. Thus were born:


  • First the album and then the exhibitions , and telling about this wondrous city.

  • Exhibition

  • Translation tothe language of photography of . This work has started a new genera of.

  • United by the same language of photography in the single prayers of the three main city religions

  • Story about illusions, rapidity and inevitability -

  • Photo translation of the great

  • Column on the news portal

  • First on radio and then on TV, series where famous, not very famous and not at all famous guests make themselves and audience to think about the most important life problems by answering seemingly simple children's’ questions.

  • The book and later the master-class aimed to teach how to “see with a camera” and how to tell about the seen by the language of photography.

Dmitry Brickman

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